Why doesn’t Facebook or Twitter content display on-screen?

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There are few reasons why Facebook and/or Twitter content will not display on-screen:

• Access Blocked by Network Administrator

If Facebook.com and/or Twitter.com are blocked on the in-office network, the media player will be unable to access the sites to download content.  In many cases, these rules are put in place by the network administrator (or IT) to prevent employees from accessing Facebook and Twitter.  If this is the case, a special rule will need to be applied to the networks firewall to allow the media player to access Facebook.com and/or Twitter.com.

• No internet connection

Facebook and Twitter content are only able to be displayed if your media player has an active network connection.  For information on how to identify if your media player is offline, click here.


Below, you will find 2 additional reasons why Facebook content might not display on-screen:

• Facebook Page or Post is not set to Public

Only Public Facebook pages (ex. business pages) and Public Posts are to be used.  Personal or private Pages / Posts will not display properly on-screen.  While the template will play, a white area will be displayed in place of the Facebook Page or Post.

To verify your privacy settings, please see the links below.

Facebook Page privacy settings infoMake sure there are not any Age or Country restrictions set on your page.

Facebook Post privacy settings infoMake sure to select Public from the Audience Selector tool.

NOTE:  If you are logged into Facebook in the same browser as Mediplay Connect, you will be able to preview private posts.  This is only possible because you are signed in to Facebook.  If you were to sign out of Facebook and preview the template again, the private post will not be displayed.  Similarly, the private post will not be able to be displayed on-screen either.


• Page Extension is too long

If you look closely at the Facebook Page Extension field, in the Facebook Page template, you will notice that there is a character limit.  Look closely to verify that the entire Facebook Page Extension is able to fit in the field.

Max character count for Main Zone is 42

Max character count for the Side Bar is 18

If your page extension is too long for the Side Bar template, we recommend using the Main zone template.  If your extension is too long for the Main Zone template, we recommend contacting the admin of your Facebook page and asking the extension to be shortened.

Please keep in mind, this can only be changed once.  If you or another admin has already changed your Page’s extension (username), you won’t be able to change it again.

To change your Page’s extension (username):

  1. Go to facebook.com/username
  2. Below Create your Facebook web address, select a Page from the dropdown menu
  3. Type a username and click Check Availability
  4. If the username is available, click Confirm


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