Identifying your media player

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It is important to know what model media player(s) your networks has installed, as not all media players have the same capabilities.  To identify your media player, compare it to the images below or ask Mediplay Support, by clicking the orange chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

Released in 2020, the mp4100 provides full audio and video capabilities.

Released in 2017, the mpNC2 provides full audio and video capabilities.

mp330 and mpBR30_300x244

mp330 (front):

mpBR30 (front):

The mp330 and mpBR30 (legacy players) provide full audio and video capabilities.   While both models look similar, you can distinguish between the two by looking at the front of the player.  The mp330 contains a flat front panel, while the mpBR30 front is ridged (see image above).

The mpMini (legacy player) is capable of playing any of the videos in our healthcare library.  While the mpMini is unable to play videos with audio, it is able to take advantage of Mediplay Music, if connected to the TV with a 3.5mm audio cable.  This cable is provided free of charge by Mediplay (upon request).

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are looking to add videos with audio, please contact Mediplay Support to discuss upgrading your media player.

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