An Objective Look at Your Waiting Room

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Sit for just 15 minute in your waiting room today. Since you probably ask each and every one of your patients to do that, it is really something you should experience.

Are the baseboards clean? Are there stains on the carpet or the chairs? Who chose that music that’s playing and what’s that smell?

Rosaly Cama, a healthcare interior designer says, “Patients form opinions about their doctors based on what they see, hear, and smell when they walk through the office door.”


Let’s explore ways you can improve that first impression.

Does your receptionist greet each patient, or is she cloistered behind a glass wall, staring at a computer screen?

Is the environment soothing and inviting? Is their valuable, educational programming showing on a large screen TV. Or are your patients being forced to listen to daytime TV?

Are your furnishings comfortable and clean? Can you accommodate larger patients with adequate seating arrangements?

Maybe you need to consider a designer to update the look and feel of your office.


Realizing that your waiting area is the very first impression that patients have of your entire practice should motivate you to spend some time improving that very important aspect of your office.

Mediplay helps make the wait time a valuable extension of the appointment by providing the patient with education and information about your practice and their health in an elegant, sophisticated manner.

You only have one chance to make a first impression – you better make it count!

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