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Get started playing content on your screen with these helpful tips!

Main Zone

1. Visit our library of over 600 topics: Content » Videos » Add / Remove Videos.

2. Add 4-5 (or more!) videos to your playlist that you feel will inform your patients about the services and products your practice provides.

3. Go to our built-in templates: Content » Custom » Add Custom Content » Main Zone Content.

4. Create 2-3 (or more!) custom messages, giving your patients a diverse experience while representing the services, products and providers your practice offers.



1. Use our built-in templates: Content » Custom » Add Custom Content » Side Bar Content.

2. Create 5-10 (or more!) custom messages, informing your patients about the services, products, providers and specials your practice offers.

3. Visit our Sidebar Image Library for a selection of pre-made sidebar pieces. These images can be downloaded onto your computer and then uploaded into the side bar using the Image only upload template.



1. Go to ticker messages: Ticker » (select player).

2. Add 5-10 (or more!) text only messages, keeping your patients in the loop.

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