How long does it take for new content to show up on my screen?

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The media player is set up to check in with the Mediplay server every 20 minutes. If any changes have been made to your content , they will be downloaded at this time. Once fully downloaded, the content will be added to your programming schedule. The media player does not stream video content. All video files are downloaded and stored locally.

The Ticker bar checks in with the Mediplay server every 30 seconds. If you have added or removed a ticker message, that change will be made within 30 seconds.

The timing for new content to appear on the screen depends on how much content is already assigned. The more content assigned to a particular zone, the less often each file will play.

If you believe that your content is not playing as scheduled, please contact Mediplay Support.

Note: The media player must have a network connection in order to download content / updates.

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