What if I want to replace my TV?

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If you are using our mpBR30 media player and/or if the resolution of the new TV differs from your original TV, there are a few steps to ensure that your media player is properly configured.   See below.

Reapplying your Audio Settings (only for mpBR30 media players – see identifying your media player)

Updating the Resolution Setting (only if the resolution of the new TV is different than the original TV)


Reapplying your Audio Settings (only for mpBR30 media players)

If are using the following model media player, you will need to reapply your Audio Settings when connecting the media player to a new TV:  mpBR30  (see the following post to identify your media player)

Steps to Complete:

(if already at the Windows desktop, skip to step 3)

1. If the content is playing, connect a USB keyboard/mouse and press ESC.

2. Once the content is minimized, close the minimized window by clicking the “X”.  This will launch Windows.

3. Double-click the Audio Settings icon on the desktop.

4. Double-click the TV icon    .

5. Then, select the Enhancements tab.

6. Check the box to the left of Loudness Equalization.

7. Click Apply, then OK. Click OK again to close Sound window.

8. Reboot the media player by clicking the Start bar.  Then, click the arrow to the right of ShutDown.  Then Restart.


Updating your Resolution

No changes need to be made if you are able to use the same resolution when you connect the new TV. If it does not work at the same resolution, then you need to select the optimal resolution for your new TV. and apply the new resolution settings in Mediplay Connect.


Please contact Mediplay Support with any questions.

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