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There are two options when creating custom content for the Mediplay Network; use one of Mediplay’s built in templates, or simply upload a full-frame image.  The document below provide design specifications for both methods.

Mediplay Design Guidelines

Helpful Tools

To create full-frame content, we recommend Canva – a free, online tool that provides an easy way to create nice looking content.  Content created in Canva can then be uploaded to Mediplay Connect.  To learn more about the process, watch this video.

To resize images, we recommend Pixlr – a free, online tool. Click Open photo editor, then Open image from computer. When your image appears, click Image in the top, black toolbar. Then click Image Size and enter in the desired width and height. You can use the minimum image requirement for the template you are using, listed below or in the uploading dialogue box in Mediplay Connect. To save, click File in the top, black toolbar. Then click Save, choose My Computer and click Ok.

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