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Note: The RSS Template is only available in the main area of the screen.

From Mediplay Connect: Content » Custom » Add Custom Content » Main Content
Choose, Create New Content or Reuse Previously Created Content.

From Template Categories,  select RSS Feeds.  Now, depending on the type of feed in which you would like to add, select your background (News, Finance, Entertainment, Sports, Health or Weather).  In this example, we will be creating a News feed.

Note: detailed instructions are located inside the page.

1. Name: US News – NPR Top Stories
Give your template a name.  This will not appear on screen.  Be as detailed as possible.

2. RSS Feed URL:
Enter the URL of the RSS feed that you wish to display.  RSS feeds are produced by most major news sites.  To check to see if your favorite site has an RSS feed directory, simply search for the “Site Name” + “RSS feed” in Google (ex. “NPR News RSS feed”).  For a list of user-submitted RSS feeds, click here.

3. Assign to Selected Players: Select the player(s) on which you would like this feed to play.

4. Click Preview.

5.  If you do not see any issues, you are good to go.  Click Save and the RSS template will be downloaded the next time your media player checks in.

If the RSS feed is not displaying, perhaps the feed is invalid, or entered incorrectly.  Click Update Preview, to verify/reenter the RSS feed URL.  If you are unable to determine the issue, simply remove the RSS template, by clicking Cancel.

Unfortunately, because there are so many different types of feeds available, you may come across a few that just don’t cooperate.  If you find a “must-have” RSS feed, and it just won’t work, let us know.  We will certainly see what we can do to help.

The RSS templates are designed to rotate sequentially through the 5 most recent articles from each feed. Each time the template appears on your screen, a different article will be shown. Each article is displayed for 30 seconds and each template updates hourly.

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