Scheduling Background Music – Mediplay Music

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From Mediplay Connect: Content » Music » (select player from drop down list)

The first time you schedule Mediplay Music to your programming you will need to agree to the terms associated with this service. ($10 / player / month will be added to your invoice. You may cancel at any time by emailing or calling or 800-565-1920)

To preview the Mediplay Music currently assigned to your media player, click the “play” button, below the music station name.

To remove Mediplay Music, click Remove Music from this Player, located to the right of the music station name.

To add a new music station, click Add Music to Player at the top right, in blue. Locate the genre that interests you, then preview the station by clicking the “play” button to the left of the station information.  To schedule a station to your player, click Select Music to the right of the station information.  This will direct you back to the Player Music page, where you will see your newly selected Music Station displayed.

Once assigned, your Mediplay Music will begin playing in approximately 20 minutes.  If assigning music for the first time, please make sure to adjust the volume on your TV / display accordingly.

Note: Not all media players are configured to play audio / music.

Fit PC 2_1

If your media player looks like the one above (mpMini), please read the following post.

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