Why am I unable to preview my custom templates?

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If you are unable to see the template preview, you may have pop-ups blocked within your browser.  To correct this, follow the steps below:


Internet Explorer – When blocked pop-up notification appears, select “Options for this site” > select “Always allow”

Firefox – When blocked pop-up notification appears, select “Options” > select “Always pop-ups for app.mediplay.com”

Chrome – If blocked, a notification will appear in the right-side of address bar at the top of the page (icon with red X).  Click the blocked pop up icon > select “Always allow pop-ups from https://app.mediplay.com”



Safari – Go to Preferences > Security > un-check “Block Pop Up Windows”

Firefox – Go to Preferences > Content > click “Exceptions” > add Exception for “app.mediplay.com”

Chrome – Go to Preferences > click ” Show Advanced Settings” > under Privacy, click “Content Settings” > under Pop-ups, click “Manage Exceptions” > add Exception for “app.mediplay.com”

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