How to Display Instagram Content

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When displaying Instagram content on your Mediplay screen, there are two options.

Instagram Live – Displays the latest post

Instagram Post – Displays a specific post, selected by the subscriber.

Note: You must have access to the Instagram account. The Instagram username and password are required to authorize Mediplay’s access to the Instagram account.

Both Instagram Live and Instagram Post are available within the Social Media template category (formally Find Us Online).

After selecting your template style, follow the steps below:

  1. Enter a Name for your message (ex. My Practice Instagram)
  2. Click Authorize Instagram
  3. Enter your Instagram Username and Instagram Password
  4. Enter the Code sent to the associated phone # (if required)
  5. Click Save Info, then Allow to provide profile info and images to Mediplay.
  6. If creating an Instagram Post message, click Select Instagram Post. Then select which post you would like to display. Posts with videos are not supported.
  7. Select the players on which you would like this message to play.
  8. Click Preview. If the Preview looks correct, click Save.

The media player is set up to check in with the Mediplay server every 20 minutes. Newly assigned content will be downloaded at this time.

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