What are Videos, Tickers and Custom Messages?

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Your programming consists of medical topic videos, manufacture videos, entertainment videos, public service videos and your own videos that you select from our library, along with ticker messages you write, custom messages you create using our built-in templates, and images uploaded from your computer.

Medical Topic Videos are 2.5 minute videos produced by Mediplay and reviewed by a medical doctor. Most are without audio. Some are narrated and are labeled as such.

Manufacture Videos are of varying lengths and formats.

Entertainment Videos are of varying lengths and all have background music.

Public Service Videos are of varying lengths and formats.

All are displayed in the Main Zone of your screen. Select and assign videos to your player or group.

Ticker messages are short text only messages displayed at the bottom of your screen, rotating every 10 seconds. Write and assign ticker messages to your player(s).

Custom messages can be slides you create using our built-in templates or image files you upload from your computer or our Sidebar Library, and they can be displayed in the Main Zone and/or Sid Bar of your screen. Custom messages assigned to the Main Zone have a duration of 30 seconds, and will be displayed between your library topics and Mediplay controlled content. Custom messages assigned to the Side Bar have a duration of 30 seconds and will be displayed one after another, without interruption. Create and assign custom messages to your player(s).

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